What weight have the famous models? Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr

While images from magazines and lookbooks are often retouched, the top models can not always hide behind software.

Alexa Chung reveals her beauty secrets in a tutorial

Alexa Chung, muse of Longchamp is a girl who has a dream.

How makeup to go to the beach?

Fashionista to the end, what you would find it difficult to forget the makeup though trip to the beach? We'll have to forget traditional makeup...

Star Hairstyle : imitate the bun with volume of Cheryl Cole

After you have copied the revolt braid of the companion Eva Longoria, it's time to know how inflation elegant bun singer Cheryl Cole is obtained....

Copy messy braid Eva Longoria and Adèle Exarchopoulos of Cannes

From the earliest days , the bob cut seemed to be part of the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Eva Longoria proud of her perfect backside

Eva Longoria does not seem self-conscious about her bottom.

Lara Stone is the new muse of the frech L’Oréal

L ' Oréal has chosen the new muse Lara Stone.

Cannes Film Festival: the cut bob style, hairdressing star in the red carpet 2014

No mistake at Cannes for the appearance as your hairstyle.

The list of the sexiest women by Victoria’s Secret

This year, Victoria's Secret reveals on its website the list of sexiest women.

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